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We are a consortium of professionals encompassing a broad spectrum of industries, with a common passion for blockchain tech and cryptocurrency trading.


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Co-founder, CLO + Editor-in-Chief

A prolific reader, adventurer, and aficionado for the latest and greatest exclusives in sneakers. Attorney by day, wandering wordsmith by night.


Co-founder, CTO + Contributor

Hi, I’m Brian. I consider myself a blockchain nomad. The two things I love in life are blockchain and traveling. You may run into me someday if you’re into these things as well.


Co-founder, COO + Contributor

Felix is an avid real estate investor, crypto trader, and all around nerd.


Co-founder, CEO + Contributor

Chi is an entrepreneur and part-time cryptotrader based in New York with a passion for introducing new startups and technologies to the world.



Anar is an iOS developer and an aspiring blockchain developer, specifically Ethereum smart contracts. He is also a cryptotrader and dedicated HODLer, with economic influences from Peter Schiff, Mike Maloney, Jim Rickards, Max Keiser, among others. Travels as a digital nomad whenever possible.